Drawings and ideas for Hoard, Beverley Treasure House

The drawings above show a sketch of the proposed installation: the print shows the proposed density of objects organised over the netting structure.

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I propose to make an installation that responds to the idea of the Treasure House by constructing  a multi-media hoard that draws upon the history and narratives of Beverley.

One definition of “hoard” is to accumulate objects; however, a hoard is also a temporary structure put around a building, or part of one. My piece would attempt to combine both definitions.

The area for the proposed installation at the Beverley Treasure House is quite problematic because of the tiled floor, the column, and the tiled ceiling. It also has to function from multiple viewpoints. Thus, I would work with the column and clad it in a textile, painted in one colour, over which I would overlay a netted surface, probably of copper wire, as per drawings below. I would then use this structure as a surface for attaching a diverse range of artefacts that allude to elements of Beverley’s history. These might include objects relating to beavers as the etymological origin of the town’s name: Viking inspired weaponry or jewellery fragments; pilgrim tokens and objects referencing St John: and artefacts referencing contemporary pastimes, such as horse shoes, golf balls and puppets. There might be objects or tools for an imagined future. All the pieces would be made from materials such as plaster/latex/rubber/textile, and ceramic: they would be lightweight and would not pose any health and safety risks (eg. sharp edges) and would be fixed securely into the net structure. The column would thus have a form of “hoard” cladding it, and be richly adorned with “hoard” pieces.


If possible I would extend the column structure to form the wings shown in the drawings on my website page https://www.saratrillo.co.uk/hoard: the net would fan out, weighted down at corner end points, to hold more objects in front. 

Some of the hoard artefacts would be ambiguous or mysterious, to prompt speculation as to their purpose: others might be readily identifiable as versions of pre-existing relics and paraphernalia. I hope that the installation would intrigue and captivate a diverse audience all ages.

Alongside this I would like to produce a small zine or pamphlet for the audience to take away, containing fictional narratives about the origin of the hoard, and stories about some of the artefacts.