Hortus conclusus

Immersive installation for "Terra Nexus" at Proposition Studios, London, October to December 2020

Walls painted with 7 litres of blackberry ink, made from 12+ kg of blackberries gathered from Sandwich/Sandwich Bay

Objects, all made from foraged material from research trips visiting organically managed and re-wilded sites: Sacy in France/ Martin Crawford's Forest Garden in Devon/ Wakelyns in Suffolk/ Knepp in Surrey.
Nozzle:  fired clay painted with elderberry ink and chalk ink, found woodpecker feathers 
Net: found branch, woven New Zealand flax ( from Martin Crawford's forest garden)
Ringer-cutter: cutter= fired dug garden clay from Sacy, rings made from fired dug clay from Wakelyns , muslin from painting space with blackberry ink

Spatula: fired dug clay from Sacy with traces of mulberry seeds: beads are fired clay from Knepp, ties made from NZ flax from Martin Crawford's forest garden 
Three arrows : dug garden clay from Sacy fired in garden bonfire, found wood
Seed scoop (1): fired garden clay from Sacy with traces of blackberry seeds 
Seed scoop (2): fired clay painted with elderberry ink, acorn caps from Knepp, NZ flax from Martin Crawford’s forest garden
Hand rake: fired dug clay from Sacy, quills from feathers found at Knepp, painted with Knepp chalk ink  

Gather-stainer stick, textile stained with blackberry ink from applying it to space, found wood 


NB: all the materials not from Sacy/ Martin Crawford's Forest Garden/ Wakelyns/ Knepp were found at Sandwich/ Sandwich Bay