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Work made collaboratively at Fructôse, Dunkerque, for Talkie-Walkie Walkie-Talkie, July 2019,  imagining new collaborations in the context of Brexit. Artists Ruchi Anadkat, Antoine Bricaud, Martin Deknudt, David Droubaix, Aurelian Maillard, Fabien Marques, Elodie Merland,  Melissa Ryke, Anaïs Vranesic (France): Jacob Bray, Claire Orme,  Tomas Poblete, Edward Sanders, Nina Shen-Poblete, Holly Slingsby, Dan Scott, Sara Trillo (UK)

I worked with Ruchi, Fabien , Elodie, Jacob and Nina to make this piece which considered Brexit as a state  of limbo and how we could define this, using gaze and souffle as a means of contemplation. We created a pumice stone space (gathered from cement works in the dockyard) as a point to look up at a projected film of Dunkerque sea water. The words souffle and gaze could be seen from a different vantage point, and an Anglo French text articulated the work process.

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